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Welcome To DjZGFX Graphic Design

Welcome! I specialize in any portion of graphic design. From business cards to professional logos. Anything you can imagine, I can create it!

Finley McGregor's Graphic Designer

Guess who made Finley McGregor’s YouTube banner? Click here to read about me becoming FM’s graphic designer!

New Look


Currently working on a new look for my portfolio and blog. You’ll like the end result!

Finished Re-routing


Hey guys, I have completely finished re-routing everything on the blog/portfolio. You can still access using the old .tk but links will redirect you to the new .com. Thanks for reading!

Android vs Apple iOS


Well I have been an iOS user for a long time, and I have got to say, I am happy with it. Does everything you need and is simple. I recently started using Android (about a month ago) and I am tremendously happy with it. Though both have many differences, it all ends up to …

My First Business Card!


Well, finally created an official business card for a friend’s home studio. CrossBlade Recording. Check it out here

Hackulous shuts down!


Hackulous, creators of installous, shutdown their servers a few days ago. As of then, installous will no longer work, anything related to hackulous will no longer work. They shutdown their cydia repo also. You can get more information at

Official Portfolio!


Hey guys, you can check out all my graphic art in the portfolio tab. Click here to go to my portfolio If you really like my work, please take the time to comment or even register. Every person counts.

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